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Surprised?  Holy shit yeah, of course I was. But to be honest I was more humbled than anything else. They gave me a 2 page spread in the printed September issue and then a very well worded and surprisingly accurate intro for the larger online section. Check all that out HERE. ?I was asked to write a response to one question so the imaginative writers at the magazine could figure out what the hell to say about me and the Monikr series. Here’s what I submitted.How would I describe my art…A lot of artists have a style of their own. They find a medium, an aesthetic, a color scheme, a whatever they are good at, that they enjoy and then proceed to get better at it throughout their careers. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. When I was a kid it was comic books, anime, that sorta thing. Always color pencil. In high school I leaned more towards realism, still life. My art teacher Mr. Davis told me ‘look.. color pencil is great ‘n all but you may wanna check out digital. So I did.College was a slightly chaotic mash-up of studio and digital art, nudes and flash animations. A buffalo sized buffet of artistic this and that. Still no solid style of my own to speak of. When I graduated I began work at Rage where the daily tasks varied from logos, to apparel design, to corporate ID to whatever the client needed. Different minute to minute.Degas once said art is not what you see, but what you make others see. When asked how would I describe my art, why I do what I do, I have to say that I do it (it is made) for the reaction. That initial and honest response I get from whomever sees it. Good or bad, it’s a conversation I get to have with people. The design is the question and their reaction the answer. I love that.I don’t have a set style. My work is constantly changing and so the conversations are constantly changing. It’s never boring. That’s how would I describe my art.It all turned really out great. But what do I know. Here’s the artwork… Let me know what you think.