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Next time you're in the neighbourhood go ahead and swing by Fire On The Mountain for the best buffalo wings in Denver! And while you're in there, check out some of the merchandise I've designed for these Grateful Dead superfans over the years! Great people, amazing food and some killer threads. You can't lose! -
From their website:
We are the hardest working team of wingslingers in the business! Come visit our friendly crew. The Freshest, Highest Quality Ingredients
We are proud to serve hormone-free, antibiotic free, cage-free Redbird Farms chicken that is never frozen. We believe fresh, happy chicken makes all the difference, and think you will too! We fry our wings in 100% trans-fat free oil until they are hot and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Then we toss them in one of our twelve delicious sauces with a side of homemade ranch or chunky bleu cheese. But, we’re not just famous for our wings. Try a Colorado grass fed burger, homemade vegan wings, awesome salads…the list goes on. Our chilli, queso, and soups are all homemade. Our fries are hand-cut. Our bacon is the thickest we can find. We hand batter every fried pickle, mozzarella wheel, and onion ring. We use locally-grown produce whenever possible as well as awesome ciabatta and brioche from City Bakery right down the street. Taste all that love! motley-crew_inner